Newbie guide on units, cards, command points and unit creation

Not all cards in saga are the same.  Some single can make a full unit (Dragons would be one such example), others require multiple cards to make a full unit (human archers).

To check the specifics of a card, do the following:

  • Push the ‘s’ key in game, or click on your Stronghold
  • Click the Card Management icon

You can now browse through your cards.  You’ll notice that some have a value labeled CP listed, with a number next to it.  See below for an example.  CP stands for command points.    All units have a maximum CP value of 30.  So if you are creating a unit of Elven Warriors, each card has a CP value of 2.  All units have a base CP value of 5, so if you have 12 Elven Warrior cards in your unit at a CP value of 2 CP per warrior, your new unit will cost 29 CP to deploy during quests and PvP matches.

Elven Warrior marked


Some units require 12 cards total for a full unit (as the example above details), others require 25 cards, and some a single card.

Another example would be the coveted Great Dragon.  This card has a CP value of 25.  Add the 5 CP for the unit base, and a Great Dragon will cost 30 CP to deploy.

dragon management  marked

As a general rule, any card with a CP value higher than 6 will be a single unit.  Eagle Riders, Treants, Charioteers etc all have a CP value of 6, so it would thus take 4 identical cards to make a full unit.  If you are short of the cards needed for a full unit, you will still be able to create and use the unit for quests and matches while you attain more cards to complete the unit.