Free troop cards (Tournament newbie guide)

Currently, there is no cost to enter the tournaments to earn tokens or credits to use to buy boosters without spending real cash.  The number one thing most new players don’t know is that the tournaments are not based on your regular army!  When you first start your first match in a tournament, 10 temporary boosters are opened.  You can then choose which faction you will play as during the remainder of this tournament.  2 players will be matched up, the victor then goes on to the semi finals (so 3 consecutive wins will win the tournament.  With each victory in the tournament, you will receive either tournament tokens, or saga credits.  Collect these and by constantly entering the tournament and participating and use the tokens and credits you earn towards boosters, which will provide you more troop cards for your permanent armies (the ones you use for quests).


To participate in a tournament, click the War tab on the upper right of the screen (red)

war tab


On the next screen, click the tournament tab.  You will be able to join a tournament for either tokens or saga credits.  Both can be used to purchase booster packs, but it is best to keep focusing on the same one (you cannot combine tokens AND credits to pay for boosters in a single transaction).



Once you have joined, just wait for the tournament to start.  Sometimes people just keep joining and it moves quickly, sometimes you need to wait a bit.  If that’s the case, just get some experience from quests and consider advertising how many players are in the tournament in world chat.  Most just tend to type something to the effect of 4/8 tourney” to remind other players.  Remember that these tournaments are sealed deck.  Once the tournament starts, you will be presented with a screen showing you which cards you got (thus the ‘sealed deck’).  Remember that these cards will only be available for the remainder of your participation in the tournament.  Sometimes an opponent in the tournament logged off and you will win automatically – and get credits or tokens easily in the process, so it really is in your best interest to participate in tournaments as you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Good luck, and enjoy your free cards!